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Like any team sport, Sportsmanship is a big of of being a swimmer.  But because we're in the water swimming individually sometimes it's hard to know what's right!  Here are some swimmer etiquette tips:

  • It is a swim courtesy to stay in your lane until all swimmers have finished the
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Muirfins Spirit Wear

Don't loose out on ordering your 2018 Muirfin spirit wear.  Our online store closes May 15th.  No orders will be allowed after that date.  Attached is view of what there is available to buy and below are just two of the long sleeve options.  All orders will be delivered prior…

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Note to new Swimmers and Parents

We are so exited to have new families join us each year!  This is a wonderful summer program for Muirfield Village Kids and a great way to exercise, learn more about swimming and develop kids into competitive swimmers!

With that said - keep in mind, the Muirfins team is a…

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Add Muirfins website into an app icon for easy access.

If you have an iPhone:

  1. Open Safari and go to
  2. At bottom of screen, click on box with arrow coming out of top of box.
  3. Click on grey box with + sign to "Add to Home Screen".
  4. Edit icon name as desired, e.g. "Muirfins"
  5. For visual instructions, click here
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Swimtopia App!

Muirfins parents, if you have an iPhone, download the Swimtopia app (cost = $0.99) and you will see your swimmers' times for each event dating back to 2003!

This app is a parent portal providing the most important information at this time:

  1. History of  your swimmers' times
  2. Current season schedule 

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Board & Committee Volunteers Needed - please help!

The Muirfins Swim Team is a wonderful, summer swim team that provides a positive environment for our children to learn many valuable life lessons in addition to developing stronger swimming skills. They also learn how to be good and responsible teammates, how to push themselves individually and strive for personal…

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