Like any team sport, Sportsmanship is a big of of being a swimmer.  But because we're in the water swimming individually sometimes it's hard to know what's right!  Here are some swimmer etiquette tips:

  • It is a swim courtesy to stay in your lane until all swimmers have finished the event.
  •  It is a swim courtesy to congratulate the swimmers in the lanes next to you - whether you win or lose. You should be excited and proud of your performance but should never blatantly brag about it to the swimmer you just beat or show bad sportsmanship by pouting about getting beat.
  • Parents - you should not be on the deck. The deck is the area where kids line up to swim by the blocks. Even if you have 6&U, that is not the place for you. It is difficult for the timers and swimmers and coaches to get lined up when parents are on the deck -- please watch your child as a spectator - from the side, from the end of the pool or from the bleachers. At Champs you can actually DQ your swimmer (and possibly our team) if parents are on deck. Be a good sport and watch your child with all the other parents in the viewing area, not on the deck. 
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