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    Want to better understand DQs?

    Click here for STROKE & TURN details.

    This presentation (with nice, big pictures) clearly outlines what the meet officials are trained to look for.

    Your swimmer may benefit from reviewing it with you if they are frustrated with DQs. And don't forget to remind them, the very BEST athletes still occasionally get DQ'd.

    True story: A senior Jerome swimmer was responsible for getting her 400 free relay DQ'd at the 2016 District Meet. She was visibly devastated not just because she caused the DQ, but primarily because she might have eliminated a couple of her teammates from going on to the State meet (turns out, that wasn't the case). In the next event, the boys 400 free relay, her boyfriend, one of St. Charles' very best senior swimmers, caused his relay to be DQ'd (not in solidarity as he was unaware of what occurred with his girlfriend).

    Later that day, the Jerome swimmer tweeted, "You know you're a power swim couple when you both get your relay deeqed at Districts." A little humor helps.

    Moral: It happens to the the very best athletes at all levels.

    P.S. The Jerome swimmer signed to swim at OSU; her boyfriend signed to swim at Miami.

    Never quit.

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    Stroke & Turn Rules (NEW League)


    1. False starts will be counted as a disqualification if a swimmer leaves the block before the signal. They will not be disqualified if they fall in the water.
    2. Swimmers many not use the lane line to pull for forward advancement
    3. Swimmers many not use the bottom of the pool for forward advancement
    4. Swimmers deemed incapable of safely competing in the meet will not be permitted to swim. Coach’s discretion will be used and we will adhere to the facility guidelines. 


    1. Swimmer must stay on back except during flip turn
    2. No feet in gutters—toes only
    3. One freestyle pull allowed during transition from back to front for turn
    4. Swimmer will not be disqualified for head catch at the wall


    1. 2-hand touch on TURN and FINISH
    2. Neutral pull—must not pull past waist
    3. Legal pullout (pull down, dolphin kick, pull down, break surface)
    4. Legal kick inside the stroke. Will not be disqualified if flutter kick is used to break the surface of the water
    5. Legal kick = simultaneous somewhat circular motion similar to the action of a frog. Toes pointed outward during propulsive part of kick. No scissors, flutter, or downward dolphin kicks permitted.
    6. Requires simultaneous movements of the arms on the same horizontal plane. The hands are pressed out from in front of the breast in a heart shaped pattern and recovered under or on the surface of the water


    1. 2-hand touch on TURN and FINISH
    2. Simultaneous recovery of the arms over the water combined with an undulating dolphin kick
    3. Undulating dolphin kick = swimmer must keep both legs together and may not flutter, scissors or use the breaststroke kick


    1. Whatever stroke is started, it must be continued throughout the race.


    1. Swimmers will be permitted to flip from back to breast. Hand must touch the wall before the flip


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    Additional details from USA

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