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Swimmers of the Week 2023

Week of July 10th (2):

11U  Ella Cordle always comes to practice ready to swim, she worked hard all week and went the extra step and opted for more challenging practice sets.

9/10 Mackenzie Rathjens- she is always ready for practice with a smile on her face, works hard and is a great teammate. Graham Cordle- he is a great teammate, shows great sportsmanship and works hard at practices.

8 & under - George William has shown great leadership and fantastic listening skills throughout the season. GW is always ready to race and is always early to practice we’re so proud of his accomplishments. Caleb has showed a great amount of improvement over the weeks he has been working extra hard on perfecting his strokes while also being a good respectful listener at practice!

Week of July 10th:

11&U Connor Cunningham worked hard on improving his start and gained a lot of confidence going off the blocks last week!

9/10  Logan Lay comes to practice every day with a smile on her face and ready to work hard. She is a great teammate and I am happy to have her at practice every day!

8&U  Nolan always steps up without a complaint when he is asked to be has done an amazing job being a good listener and taking advice from coaches! Gavin always comes to practice with a smile, ready to swim. Over the season we've seen great improvement in all strokes and he is respectful to others and a good listener in and out of the pool.

Week of July 3rd:

9/10 ABIGAIL LYONS She works hard at every practice and implements everything coaches tell her to do which has resulted in so much improvement this season!

8 & UNDER: 

MARY ELEANOR TAYLOR Mary has show tremendous improvement from the beginning of the season! She has conquered fears and showed us she is willing to try new things! 


Connor is a new swimmer this year and every new swimmer is scared their first meet Connor was no different. However this never stopped him from coming to practice with a smile on his face.

Week of June 12th: Please join us in congratulating our Swimmers of the Week!


Sam is always willing to swim any event at meets. She is a great listener and always asks questions, striving to be her very best!


Mary is new this year and has been working really hard and listening all the time. She was nervous but pushed through her nerves and swam great at the meet!


Charlie always does an amazing job of listening at practice and meets. She is always super kind and comes to practice with a smile on her face!  

Hunter comes to practice ready to go. She is respectful and listens at practice and meets. Always striving to get better.

Week of June 5th: Please join us in congratulating our Swimmers of the Week!

11 and up: Maysa Shkoukani

Maysa stepped up and swam in one our relays this week. She's always at practice with a smile on her face and willing to learn and try new strokes and techniques.

9/10: Haven Viren

Haven is new to the team and worked really hard to improve her strokes and worked really hard this week

8&U: Jett Weller & Kelsey Dimitris

Jett: Jett did a great job of stepping up when we needed him to swim double at the meet he did not hesitate to step up and take on the challenge! He also pushes hard to try and work on new thing!

Kelsey: Over the week I saw impressive improvement in her strokes and dives. Kelsey was always a good listener at practice and at races and showed qualities of a great leader.

Week of May 30th: Please join us in congratulating our Swimmers of the Week!

11 and up: Jovie Smith

Jovie came to the first day of practice and didn't skip a beat after not swimming since last summer. She came in with a positive attitude and was always looking for ways to improve right away.

9/10 group: Hadley Dimitris 

Hadley worked extra hard during the first week of practice and always listens to her coaches. She is always excited and ready to work hard at practice! Congrats Hadley!

8&u group: Girl's group - Molly Cunningham       Boy's group - Jayan Biyani 

Molly was a very good listener during the week! Each time I could rely on her to give me her full attention and effort! Congrats Molly! 

Jayan was very willing to try everything we asked even though it was his first week, even when it was something new he has never tried before! Congrats Jayan!

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Swimmers of the Week 2022

Week of July 1st: Please join us in congratulating our Swimmers of the Week!

11 and up 

Hayden D'Onofrio - she is a leader in her practice group, she sets a good example for the new swimmers and is a great teammate. 

Gavin Lauer - he works hard in practice and has shown so much improvement and always swims his hardest.


Hadley Dimitris is a lane leader and is always ready to get to work! 

Adriana Messaros works hard no matter what we are practicing.

8 and under 

Nolan Roster - he as worked really hard to become a confident backstroker, he is a leader in his lane, and helps out when needed by swimming up for relays. 

Kelsey Dimitris - she is the leader in her lane, she is a kind teammate and always knows where to be and what she should be doing.

Week of June 23rd: Please join us in congratulating our Swimmers of the Week!

11 and up 

Angelina Brodd keeps a positive attitude and willing to swim up to help out the older age group. 

Georgia Kiedrowski tries her hardest all the time and keeps improving and building her confidence as a swimmer!


Andrew Blecke is always listening to instruction and trusting his coaches. 

Lena Desiato is determined to get her dive and she never gives up when things are hard.

8 and Under 

Brandon Kramer he is always listening and trying his best! 

Grayson Pickett is always willing to try new things!

Week of June 17th: Please join us in congratulating our Swimmers of the Week!

11 and up Tommy Lillis 

Always gives 100% and is consistently trying to improve his stroke.


Charlotte McDaniel and Shelby Kiedrowski Both girls put in so much hard work to achieve their goal of going off the block for the first time.

8 and Under 

Mackenzie Rathjens and Quinn York These two always keep a positive attitude and ready to listen and work hard!

(picture coming soon)

Week of June 10th: Please join us in congratulating our Swimmers of the Week!

11 and up Madison Love
Madison is a very hard worker & is always looking to improve her stroke

9/10 Jack Bender and Devin Carney
Devin- always has a smile face and is always looking for ways to improve
Jack is an encouraging teammate and comes ready to work hard each day

8 and under - Foster Miranda and Ryna Mehta
Ryna and Foster are hard workers and good listeners

Week of June 3rd:  Please join us in congratulating our Swimmers of the Week!

11 and up swimmer of the week 

Chloe shows up to practice on time and ready to work. She asks questions to help her improve and she always puts in the extra effort.

9/10 swimmers of the week

Cami Corzine: She is always positive, comes to practice with a smile on her face, and is ready to work hard! 

Annika Mehta: She puts in 100% effort to every lap and listens to everything coaches say!

8 and under swimmers of the week

Eddie Williams and Stella Desiato
Eddie and Stella both show up every day with smiles on their faces. They are always ready to learn how to improve their swimming.

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